Sunday, August 21, 2011

FUI Recap through Pictures

Students hearing about the city of Fresno during orientation week in front of the Pink House, our home in downtown Fresno. The students were able to really engage with the city through FUI.

Community living on the balcony of the Pink House. Community is one of the biggest ways that God works in students' lives at FUI, as students experience God through each others' differences.

FUI 2011: 27 students from around the country and one international student from Korea, and 8 staff

Students processing in small groups after an Urban Ministry class at the Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership's (FIFUL) Leadership Training Center. The classes were incredible, and I learned so much through them- perhaps even more than when I went through FUI as a student 2 years ago.

The kids I worked with through Fresno Street Saints' summer enrichment program. My favorite kid was Tapora, the short girl in the center of the front row. We gave them all awards at the end of the summer, and she was the Most Imaginative :)

The girls I lived with in the upstairs left apartment of the Pink House. From left: Corrine, me, Cathy, Christina, and Rachel. I loved getting to know these girls- I spent the most time with Corrine, we would often talk and pray together.

Cal Poly student Kate processing during debrief. FUI provided a lot of space for students to have personal time with Jesus.

My process group that met every Monday night. From left: Judith, Christina, Colby, co-leader Claire, Rachel, and myself. God provided space our last process group for us to go really deep with each other and as we honestly shared the ways that each of us personally had not contributed to community, and how we could love each other better. Even though it happened the last week, I was glad it happened at all!

Our staff team with the Minturns, the FUI directors. 5 of the staff were students or recent-graduates. Mattie (to the left of me) and myself were the 2 full time InterVarsity staff. Todd cared for us well, and we spent a lot of time exploring the concept of True Self/False Self.  I felt so nurtured and encouraged by this team!