Friday, April 27, 2012

My New Personality

For the past 5 years I have lived my life thinking that my Myers-Briggs Personality Type was INFP. Thats Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving. I really like the Myers-Briggs, and I think it pretty accurately gives a framework for understanding who you are, particularly in relation to other people. I was pretty happy about that type, and I felt like it fit me. But then yesterday, just out of curiosity, I retook the test online (you can take it here: and I found out I'm an ISFJ! Whaaaat! But then I was reading the description of an ISFJ, and it seemed like me as well. Or perhaps the new me, because its pretty fair to say that I've probably changed in the last 5 years.
Ali's paraphrase of ISFJ'S description:
ISFJ's have a strong desire to serve others, but dislike conflict and controversy so they tend to focus on personal rather than large corporate forms of care. They have a huge value for loyalty and quality work, but tend to keep a low profile, which causes a tendency for them to be under appreciated. They don't like being doormats, but they dislike tooting their own horns more, and all of this can lead to a tendency towards being overworked. They prefer small groups and one on ones, and are very patient and sympathetic when dealing with others. Family is very important, and they are very warm and caring towards those they care about, and can be possessive about their loved ones. They like a few close friends, and are ready to provide practical and emotional support at a moments notice. They hate confrontation, and tend to have difficulty hiding or articulating any distress they may be feeling, and therefore need those who are close to them to initiate when they see warning signs, such as moodiness.
I feel like that is a fairly accurate description of me, but I am a little confused about my switch from Intuitive to Sensing, as that is the one personality description that I have the hardest time understanding, and I always thought of myself as highly intuitive. I must learn more about this! I'll ask my friend Lawrence, as he is a Myers-Briggs expert.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Read This Today...

I started reading a book called "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. A little girl is taken in by a foster family, and I loved this description of her foster father:
"Trust was accumulated quickly, due primarily to the brute strength of the man's gentleness, his thereness. The girl knew from the outset that Hans Hubernmann would always appear midscream, and he would not leave."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Deep Prophetic Word

From March 6-9 I joined 400 other InterVarsity Staff in Long Beach, CA for the Multi-Ethnic Staff Conference. Normally this conference happens every 3 years, but due to changes in upper-level leadership it hasn't happened in 5 years. I am certainly glad it happened while I'm on staff!
I was somehow asked to join the prayer team, not knowing I would be walking in to a room of older InterVarsity big shots who are very, very spiritual. I was very, very intimidated. But as usual God used it to bless and challenge me.

The theme of the Conference was Continuing the Journey: Recharting our Course for Multiethnicity in Mission- and God did a lot of stirring up new things in me and I believe in the other participants- and not all of it was very fun. But I am so thankful that multi-ethnicity is a value for InterVarsity, and that InterVarsity as a movement is willing to go into new and uncharted places.

Here is a video from the last night of the conference- and it is deeply prophetic. Lisa Espinelli Chinn calls out our need for dissonance and how it points us to Jesus, and Scott Bessenecker totally calls out our old wineskins in the West and in InterVarsity. It is completely prophetic. Just watch it, seriously.